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4 Reasons Why Rabbits Are Great Pets For Children

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Rabbits attract considerable attraction and love due to their cute and friendly attitude, making them the perfect companion for children. Children’s stories and cartoons, most prevalently Bugs Bunny and Peter Rabbit have made this animal even more popular with the younger crowd. They generally make good pets as they are silent, easily litter trained and do not require a large yard if they have opportunity to run inside the house. Here are some reasons why they specifically make great pets for children.

Rabbits are very active animals and love to play. They run, jump, hop and can even throw their toys in sheer joy. Such activities will amuse and entertain any child. Of all their playful antics, rabbit have one acrobatic move which will captivate even the most stubborn and difficult to please child. Called a binky, this is a joyful jump in which the rabbit will jump in the air and twist at the same time. Apart from that, rabbits have this adorable habit of standing on their hind legs and washing their face, first they will lick their paws and then use both paws to clean their face and ears. Other rabbits have this habit of completely flipping on their side and sleeping. Antics like these will melt any child’s heart and make a friend for life.

Life Span
Rabbits generally have a lifespan of over ten years. This means that the rabbit will be a constant in the child’s life, and your child will share a lot of growing up memories with the rabbit. Children who owned a pet rabbit for a considerable amount of their childhood claim that the rabbit became a part of their family, was recognized and remembered by even distant friends and relatives and is a part of their fondest memories – staging plays with the rabbits as characters, giving them baths before realizing that rabbits dislike such activities and such similar antics.

Small Size
The small size of rabbits and bunnies makes them seem less threatening to small children who can get intimidated by larger sized pets such as golden retrievers. The small size also means that they are easier to handle and generally less aggressive than their larger sized counterparts. And unlike other smaller sized animals such as gerbils and hamsters, rabbits are stronger and less likely to suffer an injury when petted and played by over affectionate children.

Rabbits are naturally more active during the evening hours and preferring to sleep during the day. This schedule works out very well because it is during the day when the children are at school and it is during the evening that they are interacting with the family and would enjoy the company of their pet.

Melanie has been blogging for over 4 year specialising in pets and child entertainment. From building a great rabbit hutch to teaching your kids how to groom your pets, Melanie has contributed a large range of articles on various parenting blogs. When she is not blogging, Melanie enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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