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8 Funny Taxidermy Ideas For Your Rodent Pests

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So, maybe your cat caught a mouse. Or maybe you trapped a few squirrels. What do you do now? Well, try following in the steps of these quirky folks and make a showpiece out of your conquest.

1. Scuffling Squirrels

Squirrels are constantly bickering, so staging up a boxing match only makes sense. This one is silent and the squirrels are ever locked in battle. Why not a fencing match, or maybe wrestling too?

2. Rodent Accessories

Talk about a conversation piece. Take your furry friend everywhere and keep up with the latest style trends at the same time! There’s actually a real trend with real designers making pieces like this, including rat headbands and mouse purses.

3. Fancy Lapel Pin

If you thought the accessories were for ladies only, think again. Take your mouse and turn it into a fancy tux embellishment, taking your drab penguin suit to a whole new level.

4. Critter Koozies

Liven up your next guy’s night with these fuzzy froth holders. While this photo depicts actual beer sold by a Scottish microbrewery called Brew Dog at over $700, who’s to say you can’t get your local taxidermy company do to this for your five-dollar domestic?

5. Rodent Inspiration

This little guy never gave up on his dream of flying, and his legacy lives on in this quirky shadow box. This critter is cute enough for your kid’s room, but strange enough that they just might take it with them when they move out.

6. Six-shooter Squirrels

Keep intruders at bay by hanging this little guy in your house. Other varmints won’t dare cross your threshold as this victim stands as an ironic warning to future ones.

7. Mousy Nuptiuals

Its hard to make your wedding really stand out these days, and title for the most memorable and unique wedding is a goal for many brides. Having a rodent cake topper is sure to win you that title. There might be a little bit of an “ick” factor, but aren’t they cute?

8. Collect Them All!

Many people take these bizarre collectables and turn them into elaborate displays. One man from Madison, Wisconsin, made it his hobby to create displays and turn them into a mini taxidermy museum, with a pub and a rodent “nudie show.” Take pest control to the next level and turn your pests into profit with a mini museum. Don’t forget the plastic dinosaurs!

This post was contributed by Adam West, a DIY pest control expert and writer from Florida. Adam enjoys writing about interesting topics such as: DIY pest control, motorcycle racing, and anything outdoors, including humorous taxidermy. He has been studying pest control methods for several years and enjoys writing about his findings.

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