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Learn How To Take Care of Your Pet

Advice For Moving Home With Pets

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Everybody knows that moving home with pets is a very stressful time in your life but it can also be disconcerting for your pets as well. Our pets are like an extension of us and the last thing you would want is for you animals to be distressed during your move. Therefore it is important to take all the necessary precautions to limit the amount of stress placed on them and make sure moving day is a pleasant experience for everyone concerned.

Of course there is always the option of having your friend look after your pets for a couple of days or placing them in a kennel or cattery but this can be just as distressing for the animals. The best thing is to keep them near and to take these steps to keep them comforted.

Preparing To Move

If you own a cat you will very aware of their explorative nature and the fact that they can be absent from the house for long periods. With this being the case, it is important to keep your cat close by on your moving day so that you know exactly where they are when it comes to finally departing.

Keep them confined to one room with the doors and windows shut and leave them with some of their favourite toys to play with. Make sure they are fed well in advance of leaving the house otherwise it could cause sickness during the journey.

With dogs it is a bit simpler as they are not likely to be absent when it comes to locking up and leaving. Give them a bit more than just one room but make sure they can’t get out of the front door as they may get in the way of the removal company trying to load the truck.

With other pets, such as fish, try and leave their tank so that it is one of the last things you pack. This way it will reduce the amount of time that they spend out of the water they are used to. Visit your local pet shop and buy some of the bags they use to sell the fish in as these are the perfect way to move your fish from one home to the other.

Settling In Your New Home

Once again, when you arrive at your new home you will need to be wary of your cat’s desire to explore its new surroundings. Secure them in a room where they won’t be disturbed and again make sure all the windows and doors are locked. Place some familiar items, a litter tray and some water in the room with them so they can adapt to their new environment better and, as empty homes can be quite cold, you might want to leave them a hot water bottle or familiar smelling jumper to keep them warm.

Try to keep you cat indoors for long enough that they get to know the new home and will therefore return to it when they go outside. If you have moved a short distance from your old home you may wish to inform the new residents that your cat may return to that house. They can then get in contact with you should this happen and it will save you the worry.

With all animals it is important to maintain their regular routine in the new home and so you should ensure that they are fed at times that they are used to. Pets such as cats and dogs will also be keen to mark their new territory and you can help them do this.

Normally your animals will go round rubbing their scent in all rooms of your home but they may be unwilling to do this because of any alien smells. To help this process you can take a small swab or towel and wipe your pets face to attain their scent profile. You can then rub this at the animal’s height around your home so that they feel more confident in their new surroundings.

With fish, it is a good idea to get their tank set up as soon as you arrive in your new home. The water will take time to settle and be suitable for the fish to be placed in it so it’s best to get it up and running quickly to limit the time the fish spend in their travel bag.

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