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"Bad Pet Meds: Taking Your Dog’s Case To Trial?"

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Many people think of their dog a family member. There is a bond between pet and owner that is more than friendship. Families take their dog on vacations, buy them toys and clothes, exercise with them, and care for them when they are ill. They also grieve terribly when their pet passes away.

Knowing how strong the bond between a dog and its owner is, it is easy to see why so many dog owners have been devastated by a medication that is currently available on the market that owners believe is injuring and sometimes killing dogs.

Trifexis: All in One Treatments For Dogs
The medication Trifexis is a multipurpose medication intended to treat dogs for fleas, heartworms and parasite prevention. It has been available on the market for approximately two and a half years. The drug is marketed with a pamphlet that states the dogs may experience mild side effects. However, this does not seem to be the case.

There have been 31 deaths reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) related to this medication, over 600 reports of lethargy, and 2,200 cases reported of serious vomiting. The makers of the drug believe that these figures may be inflated and that the symptoms or deaths may have come from something else in the dog’s life.

The cases can be found all around the country. Dog owners in Florida join those in other states who have taken to the internet to express concern and outrage over the apparent connection between their dog’s illness and Trifexis. But a Bay area vet says its too soon to point the finger at Trifexis. Dr. Michael Rumore of Lake Seminole Animal Hospital says while he had seen some reactions with the medication, “Trifexis is safe. We have a lot of patients; I have my own dogs on Trifexis actually.”

Bad Medication Lawsuits and Wrongful Death Actions

The next logical question that needs to be asked is, do the owners of the dogs have the legal right to sue the manufacturer of the medication for marketing a dangerous medicine, and can some of these owners actually qualify for wrongful death actions?

By all logic, the owners should be able to file a suit against the makers of the medication for a dangerous pharmaceutical if it can be established that the damages suffered by the dog were caused by the medicine. Since it is a prescription medication and regulated under the FDA just like human medication, it should legally be able to withstand the same scrutiny and compliance with the law for safe products. Search Orlando personal injury attorneys, Steinger, Iscoe & Green online to get a better understanding of defective drugs or products as a person injury case.

As for a wrongful death action, this may be much harder to prove. Even for a case involving a human, certain qualifications must be met for a person to be able to file a wrongful death suit. It will be much harder to establish this in Court, especially since the loss of the dog would not impact the family the same way that the loss of a parent or spouse would.

Just like any dangerous medication lawsuit, the owners of the dog would have to establish that the medication was the cause of the death, or was directly related to the cause. The best thing that they can do is hire a personal injury attorney that aggressively represents clients who are suing for dangerous medications, and present them with the case. They will know what to look for in the medical records, as well as what to look for in the operations of the drug manufacturer to determine if the case is solid enough to go to trial.

Losing your dog is just awful, especially when it occurs at no fault of your own. Making the pharmaceutical companies act responsibly for their actions can, however, prevent this from happening again.

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Nicole Bailey-Covin, a veteran journalist, has researched legal cases and covered many trials. As a dog owner herself, Nicole will be paying close attention to the developments of this situation to see if an actual lawsuit develops. She encourages all pet owners to search out their legal rights through attorney firms like, Steinger, Iscoe & Greene or legal resources available in other locales.

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