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Learn How To Take Care of Your Pet

Best Websites For Dog Owners

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The Internet is a great place for dog owners to find information and tips about how to be a better dog owner. Dog owners can learn more about their breed of dog, how to train their dog, fun tricks to teach their dog, and even information about how to appropriately treat dogs illnesses or keep them healthy.

If you’re a dog owner, the following are some of the best websites for you to check out.

Modern Dog Magazine

Want to stay up to date with the latest and greatest information and products related to your dog? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Modern Dog Magazine’s website. This site provides a great deal of information, including tips on how to train and raise your dog as well as interviews with vets and dog trainers. Plus, you can also see inside scoops on popular celebrities and their pooches.

American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club is an invaluable resource for dog owners. The site contains all the possible information you could want, including tips on how to be the best dog owner, tips for raising a puppy and even where to find information on dog shows. Take some time to peruse the site and all the great information it has to offer.

The Humane Society

The Humane Society is another great website that provides pet owners with valuable information. You can check out the latest news, watch videos and read articles. Plus, you can also use the site to donate to the Humane Society.


Dogster is a popular site that is dedicated completely to dogs and their owners. You can watch dog videos on the site, you can read the Dogster magazine on the site, check out articles with great information and tips, ask questions, talk with a community, and even learn more information about a specific breed. Plus, if you were interested in adopting another dog, Dogster provides you with great adoptions available in your area or for your specific breed.

Daily Puppy

The Daily Puppy is a website dedicated to dog owners. You can read dog-related articles, watch dog-related videos and even browse through thousands of dog pictures. You can even upload a picture of your own dog if you wish. The site also contains information on how to properly care for your dog or where to find great care for your dog while you’re at work or on vacation. You can also join the forums to ask or answer dog-related questions and communicate with a dog-loving community.


PetMD is a great resource for dog owners. Most people think Pet MD is only dedicated to learning about health-related issues, but there is so much more to the site. On PetMD, you can also learn information about your dog’s nutrition, read blogs related to a variety of dog topics and even learn more about specific breeds. There’s also plenty of information to help you learn how to best name your dog, where to go for adoptions, and even links to plenty of online stores for you to buy great gear for your pup.


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