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Learn How To Take Care of Your Pet

Choosing The Right Pet Fish For Your Aquarium

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Fishes make good pets, especially for your kids. Most children have fish for their first pet. Caring for them is easy. They do not have to be fed often. They require less maintenance than most pets. Fish provide pleasure. Just by looking at them, you feel a sense of calmness.

Fish add color, light, and life to any room. The sound of the waterfall filter is soft and relaxing. If you want variety, you can change the decors to match the feel of the season.

As a beginner, you need to know about the two kinds of fishes, the freshwater and the saltwater.

Freshwater Fish

The most common fresh water fish for beginners like you is the goldfish. You can set them up in a small fish bowl. The water in your fish bowl needs to be replaced regularly. They easily make the water dirty.

Betta fishes are also popular. These fishes are often sold in small bowls. They have long fins and bright colors. The male bettas are commonly housed exclusively. However, they are similar to goldfish in the sense that they can flourish in larger aquariums with an aeration system and filter.

Zebra fish, also known as danios are also a favorite of most freshwater tank owners. So are fancy guppies and dyed neon tetras. There are large freshwater fishes, too like cichlids. These fishes thrive better in large tanks with aeration filters and lots of accessories.

Saltwater Fish

The common saltwater fishes for beginners are the clownfish. You probably know this specie from the Nemo movie. Other popular saltwater fishes are the blennies, angelfish and gobies.

One thing you have to remember when acquiring occupants for your fish tank. Some species are compatible with each other, while some are not. You may ask your pet shop assistant on what fishes thrive together.

Every saltwater fish has a special housing and food requirement. It is important that you make your research before purchasing a bunch of fish for your aquarium.

First Fish

The fishes you bought are placed in a plastic bag with air and water. As soon as you get home, float the bag with your pets in the water of your fish tank. Do not place the fishes in the fish tank right away.

Your pet needs to be adjusted with the water first. You need to match the pH and the temperature of the water in the plastic bag. This process is vital in assuring the ideal transition of your pets. Dumping your fishes right away in the aquarium might stress your pets.

Freshwater and saltwater fishes make good pets. They add light and life to any room. To make a perfect habitat for your fishes, always remember to pick species that blend well with each other.

This article was written by Artchee Mendoza exclusively for this site. Artchee also writes for, dealer of custom made fish aquariums.

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