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Dogs and Teeth Grinding – Everything You Need to Know

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If you have noticed strange noises coming from your dog and find it to be your dog grinding his teeth, you need to know this is more than simply an annoying noise, it is not normal and needs medical attention sooner than later!

Just Annoying or Is Teeth Grinding Serious?

Just as humans who grind their teeth, dogs need medical intervention to figure out the reason causing them to grind their teeth, as there are a number of reasons that cause them to do this, and none of them are positive reasons. In fact, your dog is grinding his teeth and no matter what the reason, it is usually a very painful process, not to mention unhealthy for his teeth and gums.

Why is My Dog Grinding His Teeth?

Dogs grind their teeth, or bruxism, due to oral abnormalities, like if their jaw grows unevenly or even because of a number of other oral issue that could become very serious. Dogs may also grind their teeth due to stress and anxiety, if you can believe it or not! Another reason for bruxism, or teeth grinding, is that it is a symptom of your dog having gastrointestinal problems.

Does Teeth Grinding Cause Damage?

Not only is the noise of your dog grinding his teeth annoying, plus that fact that it is merely symptom of a bigger problem for your dog, but the actual act of your dog grinding his teeth is causing damage to his mouth. Grinding teeth not only wears down his enamel and teeth, it can also become more serious as the constant grinding can lead to teeth grinding on your dog’s soft tissues (gums, etc). If you dog already has inflammation problems in his mouth, this will only increase the problem and if not, this will be the beginning of one.

How Do I Stop My Dog from Grinding His Teeth?

At any time your dog begins grinding his teeth, it is a very good reason to call your veterinarian for a doggy check-up. Typically the only way to get your dog to stop grinding his teeth is to treat the root problem for your dog to begin grinding his teeth in the first place. If your dog is grinding his teeth due to an oral problem, he may need to see a canine orthodontist to fix any misalignment issues. If your dog is grinding his teeth due to stress and anxiety, some anti-anxiety medication and or behavioral therapy should do the trick to ease your dog’s nerves. And if gastrointestinal problems are the root cause of your pup grinding his teeth the veterinarian can usually help correct the problem.
At the first sign of your dog grinding his teeth, you should seek medical attention for your dog to ensure that whatever the reason for his teeth grinding is treated immediately, before too much damage is caused. Your dog will thank you for reacting quickly and for relieving him from the pain that accompanies teeth grinding and you will of course keep your status of being a great dog owner.
Dr. Susan Wright DMV is a seasoned veterinarian, a wireless dog fence expert. Dr. Wright and her staff provide informative information to dog owners on how to provide a safe dog environment.

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  • gilly

    could grinding teeth, skin allergies (skin gets rashes and itchy on tummy and under arms) as well as ‘bunny hopping’ and stiffness on getting up from lying down all be connected? she is havingxrays done next friday but i just have a feeling its all connected but the vet keeps dismissing me?

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