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Don’t Forget The Dog!-Easy Costumes For Your Pets

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Your pets are part of your family, and like children, they will also enjoy trick or treating. But if you want your pet to get some treats on Halloween, you need to dress them up in a costume.

But anyone who’s ever tried to dress a pet in one of the custom Halloween costumes from the store know that they’re a pain to put on and keep on. And instead of spending $30 on a costume your pet will just fall out of, you’re better off going the DIY route and making your pet one of the following easy costumes.

The Ninja

Dressing your pet up as a ninja is very simple. All you need is some black fabric that you’re not using (you could even use old black clothes if you wish). Take the fabric and wrap it around your pet as much as you can and adhere it together with a safety pin. Then, find a strip of a colored fabric and tie it around your pet’s belly to be the belt. That’s it. Your pet is now ready to tackle trick or treating as a ninja.

The Ballerina

Ballerinas and tutus are extremely popular, and you can turn your pet into a ballerina by either buying your own cheap tutu or making one yourself. Most local dollar stores will have cheap dress-up tutus for children, but stores like Walmart and Target will also have them for relatively cheap. Simply put it around your pets bottom half and use a safety pin to make it fit.

If you can’t find a tutu already made, you can easily make one yourself. All you’ll need is some elastic and some tulle. Put the elastic band around your pet’s waist to see how much you’ll need, and then either cut or sew it so that it forms a circle. Then, cut small pieces of tulle (about 2” wide – the length will depend on the size of your pet) and simply tie one end in a not around the elastic and let the it hang. Do this around the entire elastic band until it’s covered, and voila! You have a ballerina costume for your pet.

The Cowboy

Find an old cowboy hat and handkerchief and you have a cowboy costume for your pet ready to go. Simply add some string to the hat so you can either try to keep it on your pet’s head or at least have it around their neck and sitting on their back. Then, tie the handkerchief around their neck, and they’ll be ready to tackle the wild west.

The Olympic Swimmer

Pick up a cheap pair of goggles and a small towel and dress your pet up as a swimmer. Put the goggles around their neck and toss the towel either over their back or around their neck. If you think your pet will keep them on, you could also invest in some arm floaties.

Kathryn Thompson is a dress designer who is totally into fashion.  She enjoys making pet costumes for her adorable puppies named Isabella and Hank when she has time.

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