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Learn How To Take Care of Your Pet

Exotic Pet Care – Mice, Rats and Hamsters

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Small animals like rodents make excellent pets. They are not typically high maintenance. They rarely bite and are perfect for children. However, these animals are fragile and need to be handled with care. Below are certain tips on exotic pet care with respect to rodents.


Mice make lovely pets. They are not expensive to buy. They do not require expensive food. They are lively animals and do not require large enclosures. Mice are best kept as a pair as they are social. Do not keep more than a single male mouse in the same enclosure. Males compete for the right to mate with females and fight each other. Mice do not grow very big.

They only grow up 7 – 8 centimetres in length. Mice do not need very big enclosures, although big enclosures might be needed if you have more than a pair. Mice usually live up to 18 months. They need good exercise and a treadmill is a good idea to keep them busy. Mice produce a lot of trash and thus it is important to make sure that their enclosures are cleaned regularly as this is an essential aspect of exotic pet care. Make sure that your mice have plenty of fresh water to drink.



Rats are witty and intelligent animals. They have an amazing personality and seem to be at ease when handled carefully. Some studies indicate that they may be as clever as dogs. Many owners have been successful in teaching simple tricks to their mice. Rats are large – they grow up to 20 cm and have a tail of the same length.

Thus they need a large enclosure. They also need a good amount of exercise and love to run about outside their enclosure. They can be tamed easily and they rarely bite. Rats too are social and are best kept in pairs. Rats are at their happiest when they have something to do – install toys inside their enclosure to keep them active. Rats need to chew a lot to prevent overgrowth of their teeth.

If you handle your rats often, then their sharp nails might become irritating. The nails can be trimmed using a simple nail cutter. Make sure to just trim the tips off otherwise you may damage the nerve endings that are located deeper inside the nail. Rats have taken a liking to human foods but they should never be fed junk food like candy and fried chips. Packaged rat foods are available in stores. You may occasionally treat you pet rats with cheese and nuts. Proper diet is an imperative part of exotic pet care.



Hamsters are cute animals. They are the top choice for people looking to own exotic pets. Hamsters are larger than mice but smaller than rats. They are active creatures and like to sleep by day and feed and play by night. Hamsters are solitary animals and should be kept alone. They like to play a lot and thus it is preferable to keep them in fairly large cages with many toys in them.

Hamsters are masters at littering so you must clean their cages regularly. Cleaning is a compulsory aspect of exotic pet care. They need plenty of material to chew on. Hamsters too like human food a lot. You may occasionally treat your hamster with fruits, vegetables, whole grain meals and bits of cooked meat.

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