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Learn How To Take Care of Your Pet

How Pets Contribute To Your Good Health ?

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Pet my tummy please

Pet my tummy please (Photo credit: Jan & Peggy)

If you are looking for ways to improve your health and state of well being, you could consider getting a pet. You might not be aware of the many health benefits owning a pet can bring about. Here are just a few health benefits of having pets in your home, based on my own experience.

How Pets Contribute to Your Good Health

Your pet can help lower your blood pressure, build up your immune system and even strengthen your heart. If you have children, you can reduce their risk of developing allergies and asthma by having a pet in your home. Some of the most common allergies are those attributed to pet dander and saliva. If your children are exposed to pets as infants they will develop stronger immune systems.

If you have high blood pressure, owning a cat or dog can help you lower it. The soothing effect your animals will have on you will contribute to your ability to release stress quicker so you will be less prone to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Staying Physically Fit

Owning a pet will increase your chances of getting exercise on a regular basis. Your pets will thrive when you participate in active play with them. Going for walks, throwing balls or even moving through your house dangling a string for your cat will increase your physical activity.

Pets Can Help Your Loved Ones Focus Better

If you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or who is classified as having special needs, a pet in your household could significantly improve their ability to focus. The calming effect your pet will have an someone with Alzheimer’s will help them maintain a better sense of calm with fewer anxious moments.

If someone in your family has special needs such as diabetes or autism, your family pet can contribute to their state of well being in several ways. Some dogs have special abilities to sense the chemical changes within the human body. These dogs are great to have around people with diabetes. They can alert your loved one to a chemical change before it becomes dangerous.

Your family pet can also bond with someone who has autism to help them focus on activities. The bond between your pet and your loved one will significantly improve their quality of life.

Keeping Your Pet Safe From Mold

Your family pet does so much to help you and your family live better, you want to make sure they also stay in good health. For instance, pets exposed to mold can develop specific symptoms which can often be confused with other viral infections. If your pet has a fever and is having trouble breathing it could be due to an exposure to mold. Even if your house does not contain mold, your pet can pick it up from outside by breathing in the loose spores or by making contact with their skin.

There are ways you can help reduce the risk of having your pet exposed to mold. You can keep mold at bay by regularly mowing your lawn and by picking up the debris and clutter. Mold often grows underneath leaves where the environment is damp and dark.

You can reduce the risk of mold indoors by using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. Buy toys and bedding for your pet that can be safely washed in hot water. By helping your pet remain healthy and active you extend the time you will get to enjoy having them around.

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Ben Sawyer has two cats and a few birds. He researched a lot about health benefits of having  pets. In this article are summed results of his research.

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