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Problems with Orthopedic Dog Beds

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With the power of the internet to find information on almost any subject, it is a wonder to me that so many people skip researching their purchases. If you’re in the market for a new dog bed, there are a few things that you will want to look at before you make your purchase, or you will run the risk of having problems such as your dog not wanting to sleep in it, making it a complete waste of money.

Problem 1: Price

Orthopedic dog beds tend to be quite pricey, which makes it a bigger slap in the face if it’s not used. If you do the proper research though, your money will be well spent, and besides that, the benefits to your dog should outweigh the hit taken by your wallet.

Problem 2: Size

Normally people can just eyeball a bed in the store and pick one that’s the right size for their dog, but what happens when they are shopping on the internet? The thumbnail of the bed you’re purchasing just doesn’t give you a good enough picture in your head unless the model dog they usually have is the same type of dog you have.

What should be done, if you are purchasing from the internet, is that you need to measure your dog from their head to the base of their tail, and use that number against the numbers given by the website for the dimensions. This will make certain that your dog will fit on the bed and makes the chances that it won’t be used drop dramatically.

Problem 3: Shape

Depending on how your dog sleeps, the shape (or type) of bed will make a big difference to the amount of use it sees. If you have a dog that sleeps curled up, you will want to get a bolster style orthopedic dog bed, since it will have a back on it to give your dog something to curl up against. For a dog that stretches all out, a rectangular bed is the best choice, as it allows the most room for laying down in such a sprawled out position.

An easy way to figure out how your sleeps is to simple pay attention to how they sleep. Make sure you take not of at least ten times you see your dog napping, this will give you a good amount of data to make your decision, when I did it, I just wrote down whether or not my dog was curled up then after ten times I counted up the list and bought a bolster style bed for my dog.

There might be problems with the purchasing of some products these days, but if you’ve done your homework, you won’t be disappointed with the purchase of an orthopedic dog bed. They not only make for a comfortable resting place for your pet, but can also help with some health problems they may come into over the years, but you can read more about that in my post on the Dog Collar Information site.

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