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Second Hand Smoke And Your Dog: The Effects

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Smoking has been known to cause a variety of different illnesses for users. Allergies, asthma, cancer and emphysema are some of the most common illnesses and diseases that smokers suffer from.

The issue of the negative effects of second hand smoke has become wildly popular over the past few years. Smoking bans have been issued around the country in order to protect innocent people from getting sick from inhaling second hand smoke.

Second hand smoke doesn’t just affect humans, it can also have a negative effect on your dog. So before you light up that cigarette in your home, learn what it can do to your pooch.

It can cause respiratory disease.

If you smoke near your dog, you can be hurting their respiratory health. Dogs that live with smoking owners tend to suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, nasal tumors and bronchitis. If your dog is hacking, it’s a sign their respiratory system is infected or damaged, and it could be from your smoking. Unfortunately, when a dog lives with a smoking owner, the hacking and other symptoms last year round instead of being seasonal, meaning that your dog is miserable all the time. Dogs that have long snouts are more prone to the negative effects of second hand smoke, but that doesn’t mean that short snouted dogs are safe.

Dogs that suffer from respiratory issues tend to age more quickly. They find it hard to keep their breath when exercising or playing, making them prone to lying around the house without any exercise. A lack of exercise can cause obesity in your dog, which brings a variety of other problems to the table. Don’t waste all that time and money spent on grooming, training, and loving your dog.

It can cause cancer.

Tobacco smoke can contain up to 20 different carcinogens, and these deadly toxins can cause cancer in your dog if they are constantly inhaled. Cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 toxins and chemicals, including formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. If your dog inhales this on a regular basis, it can cause cancerous tumors in their respiratory system. Nasal cancer and lung cancer are two of the most common forms of cancer found in dogs of smoking owners, and both are not easy or cheap to treat.

It can cause death.

Your second hand smoke can force your dog to suffer from a disease that is life-threatening, such as emphysema or cancer, but there are other ways that your smoking habits can harm your dog. Tobacco contains ingredients that are extremely toxic to dogs, and if your dog chews on or eats one of your cigarettes, it could cause shock, vomiting, seizures and even death in your dog. If you’re going to continue smoking, even if you do so outside, make sure that you are safely getting rid of your butts and packs of cigarettes so that they’re out of reach of your pooch.

Studies have found that owners who quit smoking can improve their dog’s respiratory health over time, and you can also eliminate your dog’s chances of getting cancer or another serious illness. Be sure to consider all of this before you light up.

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Guest Author: Ashley Smith is a freelance writer, busy mom of 2 and a dog owner. Ashley uses her love of writing to share articles on a variety of topics.

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