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Learn How To Take Care of Your Pet

The Suns Harmful Effects On Pets

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During the summer the sun can be quite brutal. Even just a short while in hot weather can make a person uncomfortable, irritable, dehydrated, exhausted and can even cause heat stroke effects on pets. We know that we should always wear sun block, drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun as much as possible and not overexert ourselves with any activity we do outside.

We take sun protection seriously for us and our children, but what about our pets? We love our pets dearly but do we always make sure they are given as much care, especially in hot weather as we are?

Pets Remain Outoor

Many pets remain outdoor pets and usually stay outside during the day and then may come inside only to sleep or if it is raining. Not everyone realizes that pets can suffer through many of the side effects from sun exposure that humans do and it is important that the right precautions are taken so nothing serious occurs.

Pets like dogs and cats are covered in fur and usually get much warmer quicker. Your pets cannot speak so you have to pay attention to other behaviors to make sure your pets are doing okay.

Water And Shade

Always have water available to your pets and make sure it is stored in a shady area. Like humans, pets do not like drinking hot water on a hot day and may skip out on drinking water. Drinking warm water can make them hotter or not having water at all can get them dehydrated very quickly.

Make sure your pet gets some rest and takes a break if you see that your pet is too busy playing and running around. Pets love being played with and will not stop if they feel tired and can suddenly vomit or collapse. When you take a break under a tent shade make sure your pet follows and lays down for a bit.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Wet

Hosing your pet off or letting them take a dip in the pool is a great way to cool them off when temperatures reach triple digits. You can get a pet tent for your pent so they can still remain outside but not be in the direct heat.

They will still not be able to tell you but you will be able to tell how much they enjoy being cared for just like the rest of the family. Remember the sun can be harmful for everyone, take care of your pet.


Kelly Swaim is marketing associate for Quik Shade Pets makers of the ultimate pet shade bed.

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