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The Varied Relationship Between Man And Horse

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Man and horse have been around for millions of years, evolving and changing from the small creatures that they once were. There are many interesting facts about horses that most people are completely unaware of.
Starting with the basics, horses have different names depending on gender and age. A male horse is referred to as a ‘stallion’ whereas a female horse is called a ‘mare’.  A young male horse is called a ‘colt’ and a young female horse is called a ‘filly’.
There are a few interesting facts about the physical attributes of a horses; they have around 205 bones in their bodies, their eyes are bigger than any other land mammal, they can see 360 degrees at any one time and they can run shortly after birth. Not only can they stand and run pretty much from birth, they are one of the fastest land mammals in the UK. It was once recorded that a horse ran 55mph!
Horses used to be used for hard physical grafting. They used to plough and haul heavy loads to help businesses and trades. They were able to fit where machinery couldn’t and were sometimes even more reliable than the developing machinery. Mounted police men used to be in abundance before the sophistication of police cars and they are still used in situations that warrant them. It’s common to see police horses when there are large crowds to be managed.
Nowadays, horses are used for all sorts of purposes. Pleasure is probably the main reason why people use horses – whether it’s to enter competitions or to go on a nice countryside trek. Horse racing is big business and supports a lucrative entertainment and betting industry. The owners of the horses can earn a fortune if it is a good competitor. Prize money is often followed by stud fees for the best racers because of their pedigree. This makes them valuable assets.
On the continent, it’s not uncommon for horses to be farmed for their meat. This is something that doesn’t sit well with people in the UK but the fact is that horses are strong, lean and powerful and this makes their meat incredibly good quality provided they are reared properly. The same attributes that make horses such beautiful animals and such athletic animals makes them a delicacy in certain cultures.
The fact is that horses have been used by humans throughout history for various reasons, from recreation and entertainment to travel, agriculture and even as part of the local diet.

Stuart Erskine is a horse breeder who takes a keen interest in the history of the horse with relation to human civilisation. He regularly visits to see if there is any news he’s unaware of.

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