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Tips in Setting up Your First Saltwater Aquarium

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Having a saltwater aquarium in your space is rewarding and refreshing. It adds life to any room in your house. Since this is your first time you have to learn a few basic tips on how to set up your first saltwater aquarium.

The first step to take is to determine the space for your fish tank. It is greatly recommended that you select a cool place away from one of your windows. The sun’s rays can cause a change in the temperature of the saltwater in your aquarium.

The Essential Equipments

As soon as you have chosen the size and shape of your aquarium, you need to look for a tank and aquarium lighting. You can look for a tank with hood as it comes with a light bulb. Choose an aquarium background to fit your size of tank.

The stand for your aquarium is your next purchase. Every gallon of water weighs 10lbs. If you are buying a 60gallon tank, the weight of the tank and water is 600lbs. The weight gets heavier as you add the fish and other accessories.

You need some live sand and crushed corals. These are called aquarium substrate. The ratio is ½ to 1lb for every gallon of water.

Your 60 gallon tank requires 16.5 of aquarium sea salt. Make this your initial order. Purchase a saltwater hydrometer to get a regular update on the salinity level of the water in your aquarium.

Aquarium Accessories

Aside from the basic equipments you need to invest on a good aquarium filter that is adaptable to the size of your fish tank. You need to have multiple power heads, at least two of them. This is intended to power the under-the-gravel filters and the level of oxygen in your tank.

Other aquarium equipments are aquarium heater, thermometer, saltwater test kit, and marine fresh food. Investing in a protein skimmer is also a positive move. This skims the organic waste generated by your pets into a cup. Your livestock is freed from waste being broken down into toxic chemicals.

What about the fish?

The fish is the last purchase you have to do. You do not have to buy fish immediately. You must first install the tanks with the necessary accessories. Make sure that the lightings are installed properly.

The oxygen level has to be perfect. You need to create the required water temperature and salinity level. Your fishes deserve special treatment, nothing less. If you have completed all of these requirements, you can pick up your fishes and get rewarded for a job well done.

Setting up your first saltwater aquarium need not be stressful. You just have to prepare all the necessary equipments and accessories before releasing your fishes to your new tank.

This article was written by Artchee Mendoza exclusively for this site. Artchee also writes for, where you can buy fish tanks.

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