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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Not Eating

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Your pets are a source of happiness and amusement, but they can also make you feel frustrated. All in all, having animals around will make your life more exciting. Plus, you’ll definitely feel more connected with another living being especially since it’s your responsibility to provide for all the physical, as well as emotional and health needs of your pet.

Since your animal has also become a part of your family, when it’s acting weird all of a sudden, you will naturally worry. One issue that many pet owners get concerned about is when their canines suddenly lose their appetite. Dogs are often voracious eaters, and once they snub food, you’ll immediately think that something may be wrong. But the truth is that there are many things that can affect your dog’s appetite. Below are some reasons why your furry friend suddenly stops eating.

1. When your pooch isn’t feeling well, he will probably refuse to eat. Or he might eat but his appetite will be severely reduced. Illness is a common reason why dogs stop eating especially if this is accompanied by other behavioral problems, such as aggression or whining, or other physical indications, like limping and also having eye or nose discharge. In case you observe any changes in your dog’s actions and behavior and you can’t pinpoint the reason why, then you should take him to the vet. Be sure to have him on a leash and put a muzzle on him if he shows violent behavior, which is probably due to the pain or discomfort that he’s feeling. So, what illnesses cause a dog to ignore his favorite food? A few health issues include worms, kidney and heart disease, stomach and intestinal problems, as well as viral or bacterial infections.

2. Depression can also cause a dog to lose appetite. Oftentimes, this is brought on by drastic changes, such as moving to another house, loss of a family member and other significant changes in the household. What severely affects the balance in the home and its members also has a considerable impact on the pet.

3. Traveling to unfamiliar places may also diminish a pooch’s desire for food. In case you’re one who likes to bring your pet with you when going on vacation, don’t be too alarmed when it suddenly refuses to eat after a plane ride or a long drive. Dogs often get uneasy when placed in a new environment. They could also suffer from motion sickness and other discomforts related to traveling.

4. Some dogs are just picky eaters. My dog belongs to this category. There are times when he just doesn’t like what’s being served up, and instead of eating, he tips out his bowl. I clean up his mess and take away his food. I try feeding him again after a couple of hours when he’s really ravenous. Whenever he’s hungry enough, he stops being fussy. I think he also gets bored with his food. So, it helps if you try out different brands of pet food for your canine too. So, how do you check if your dog is just being picky or if it’s sick? One way to find out is by giving your animal something that he really likes, say, a piece of meat, hotdog, or sausage. If he eats this right away, then he’s just being finicky.

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Claire Howard is a freelance writer who lives with her three-year-old golden retriever. She blogs about pet health problems, Ft Lauderdale vet services, dog pest problems, pet insurance, and many more.

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