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Learn How To Take Care of Your Pet

What To Know Before You Get A Dog

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Get a dog can be very exciting! But it is very important that you know what you are getting yourself into before you a buy your very own dog! You need to make sure that you have plenty of time to dedicate to your dog, because your dog is going to need all the love and attention it can get!

There are several things you should make yourself wary of before you buy a dog!


You are going to need a lot of time just for your dog, especially when you first get him! As you dog would have just been taken away from its mother, it is going to be very anxious about being taken away and being in new surroundings. You should take the time to ensure that his settled in fine. For your dog to completely settle in, this may take a few weeks, during these weeks you are going to have to understand that your dog comes first and needs to be made felt safe in your home.

Once your dog has settled in, you are going to have to spend a lot of time ensuring that he gets the exercise it needs! Your dog will need walking at least once a day, depending on what breed you have.


The day you get your dog, you should be thinking about starting to train him. Even though your dog may be anxious about being in new surroundings, you still have to show him who is the boss in the house. If you let your dog get away with too much in the first couple of weeks, this will lead him in a bad direction and he may continue to be naughty as he thinks he will get away with it.


When people get a new dog, they sometimes forget to even consider that they are going to take a holiday in the near future. I advise you not to take a holiday too soon after you have got your puppy, if he is still settling in he may become anxious if you disappear and this make his behaviour bad.

Once you puppy has settled in and it is time for you to jet off on your holidays you will need to make sure that your dog is cared for properly. You can use pet sitting services for your dog, this is where your dog will be looked after and cared for just as he would if he was at home with you.

Kerry is a dog owner from Birmingham and uses when she goes on holiday.

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