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Why Does Your Dog Keep Barking?

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Having a barking dog can be extremely stressful; this is because it can be extremely disturbing to you, your family and even your neighbours. There is no point in punishing your dog for barking as he is probably not going to understand what he has done wrong and will instead just feel threatened by you. You should try and find the cause to why your dog keeps barking and then try and train him to change his habits.

To try and change his habits, you first need to find the reason to why he keeps barking, for more information, read on:

Warning Barking

If your dog barks when someone knocks on the door then this is quite normal, even though it can get quite annoying it can be seen as a good thing. If you have any intruders coming into your house then it is likely that your dog is going to scare them off by barking. The only thing your dog is trying to do is protect you and your family from anyone who is not welcome in your home.

Anxiety Barking

If your dog suffers with anxiety then it is likely that your dog is going to bark as part of a self soothing process. This type of barking is quite easy to notice, it will usually be quite high pitched followed by a moan or a groan.

Boredom Barking

If your dog doesn’t get much attention from you or he hasn’t been walked in quite a while, you may start to notice he barks more often. You should not punish your dog for this type of barking as he is only trying to release some of the energy that he has built up.

Attention Barking

If your dog constantly begs for your attention then it is likely when he barks he is barking for even more. Some dogs can be quite similar to children this way that they want all the attention on them; you should not give your dog any attention when he starts barking at you like this.


This type of barking is most common in puppies and young dogs, when you take your dog to the park you may notice that he starts to bark when he first runs around. This is just because he is excited.

How Can You Prevent Unwanted Barking?

The first thing you must do is determine what is causing your dog to bark, once you know what the cause is you will then be able to remove anything that is encouraging this type of behaviour.

You should take your dog on regular walks and avoid leaving him on his own for long periods of time. If your dog is barking for your attention, you should ignore it otherwise he will see that the barking has worked and he has got your attention.

If you are not quite sure of the cause, then the best thing to do is distract your dog from the barking. Once he starts to bark you should clap or whistle and then practice a basic command like ‘sit’ or ‘lie down’ this will distract him from the barking.

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